Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS), one of the leaders in business process management, implemented STORM Flex in support of their overall innovation strategy. As competition for talent increased in the IT-BPM industry, HGS needed to leverage technology and use innovative practices to attract and retain top talents.

An internal flexible benefits system was already in place but it proved to be a tedious and costly program for the HR department to maintain. STORM Flex was the perfect solution as it offered a pioneering digital platform which enables employees to convert their unused benefits into points and use those points to purchase items in the exclusive marketplace.


As the largest BPO in the US and one of the top 5 BPO players in the Philippines, Alorica hires thousands of new recruits annually. With over 40,000 employees located in 17 sites in the country, talent acquisition and employee engagement were crucial concerns. Alorica wanted to streamline their employee referral process as it is their top source of successful hires.

Xurpas Enterprise’s solution addressed both challenges by delivering an Employee Referral System (ERS) and by implementing STORM Ace. The ERS will accelerate recruitment by automating the entire process of employee referrals. They previously had a manual process involving paper forms, manual encoding and email. The ERS will improve the internal process and enable the company to generate savings.

To reward successful referrals, the ERS will be integrated with Ace, an online rewards and recognition platform by Xurpas subsidiary STORM Technologies. Alorica can rewards points which employees will be able to use in the exclusive marketplace with over 16,000 items. By giving incentives to current employees for every successful referral, Alorica can not only increase employee engagement and overall work satisfaction, but also accelerate talent acquisition.



Studies show that only 13% of employees are engaged at work worldwide which affects productivity and costs in the workplace. Microbenefits, a subsidiary of Xurpas Enterprise, aims to make each employee engaged by leveraging the power of smartphones – a device almost every BPO employee has.

Company IQ, the app developed by Microbenefits, puts your people at the center. It has an e-learning platform where they can participate in tests and trainings through gamified learning. Onboarding new employees becomes easier as the app comes with a library of modules on communications, management, employee rights, and other relevant courses. Courses can be customized to suit each company’s requirements. The app also allows employees to check their payslips, leaves, benefits, and company policies through the employee portal.

Engaged employees create great company cultures and increase an organization’s competitive advantage. Microbenefits has enabled millions of employees worldwide to improve communication and enhance their skills while creating real business value for the company.


Earn-A-Fi is a digital advertising platform using the Globe GoWiFi service which is a free internet access portal located in key areas around the country. It is available in over 1,000 hotspots with 400,000 authenticated daily users. GoWiFi sites include major malls, hospitals, schools, and even government agency offices, among others. Earn-A-Fi can accommodate a variety of ad formats such as video ads, lead generation ads, and survey forms.

A leading BPO company uses Earn-A-Fi to attract more talent for recruitment. They publish job ads on the portal using a lead generation form wherein potential hires can fill out their details. A standard usage report is provided to help advertisers measure their ad campaign results.