Manila, Philippines—Business Process Management firm Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) recently signed up with Xurpas Enterprise managed platform service STORM Flex, supporting its strategy of continuing innovation for employee retention and engagement.

STORM FLEX is an advanced flexible benefits platform that enables HGS employees to transform their vacation or sick leaves and other company benefits to ‘flex points.’ Employees can use these points to purchase items in an exclusive online marketplace with over 14,000 products and services, backed by a managed merchant ecosystem, full customer support operations, and analytics.  STORM FLEX is part of the HR solutions platform of Xurpas Enterprise – the Xurpas business unit that manages its B2B solutions platforms in HR, Digital Advertising, and IT Managed Services.

The challenge

HGS has about 22 years of pioneering experience in the industry. Among the “firsts” that it ventured in the Philippines was the adoption of a flexible benefits system for several years running. HGS sees the benefit of continually evolving its Human Resources systems with the use of technology and managed services to realize additional gains in employee retention and engagement, further raising its employee happiness index.

“We try to innovate as much as we can, both in process and in terms of simplifying procedures and making them easier. We also look for partners like Xurpas Enterprise and STORM Technologies, to see what else we can offer our employees apart from industry attractive benefits that also bring excitement and positive change to the work environment,” says Edna Gatchalian, Vice-President for Human Resources, HGS.

Onboarding with a Xurpas Enterprise managed service is another process innovation for HGS, where most systems for operations are developed and maintained internally. Gatchalian adds, “If you’re not changing anything in the way you’re doing things, how can you expect new things to happen?”

The horizon

Gatchalian also mentions that for those in the BPO sector, the key challenges are talent acquisition and retention. The acquisition challenge comes with the competitive nature of players in the sector—with most of them hiring agents by the hundreds or thousands.

But according to her, retention is far more challenging.

“Retention is the outcome of a combination of many factors and employee benefits is one of them. If benefits are not working for [the employees], it can be a potential reason for employees to leave. We want to wow the employees with the new things they can do in the system; we want them to be impressed with how fast their benefits can be processed through the STORM Flex system,” she concludes.


STORM Technologies is the largest supplier of flexible benefits in the Philippines. A subsidiary of Xurpas Inc., it is one of the HR solutions providers of Xurpas Enterprise – the country’s leading provider of digital innovations platforms for enterprise in the areas of employee engagement and retention, digital advertising, IT managed services, and data sciences. It currently manages the portfolio of seven subsidiaries across the Xurpas group, with operations throughout Asia, servicing top local and Fortune 500 companies.