Lemonade HR & Payroll

Lemonade HR & Payroll

An all-in-one HR and Payroll Solution designed to help your SME boost productivity and efficiency at ₱2,950/month!

What's the problem?

The H2R and payroll processes are too overwhelming for our team

Payroll processing is laborious when there’s complicated shifts. Human errors and delays become common.

Erratic shift schedules are hard to track

Timekeeping can be tricky with new logistics and lockdown restrictions.

Memo and info cascades don’t reach employees

Company announcements are hard to disseminate, making information download troublesome for the HR team

How We Can Help

Automates H2R an payroll process

With built-in communication & collaboration tool

Leave and Attendance Management with Geofencing

Low cost user license and implementation

Generates Government Statutory Reports

How We Can Help


File Sharing

Need to have policies, processes, and documents repositories for your organization? Our File Sharing and Collaboration feature will help you organize all the files that you need to share with everyone in your organization


Document Templates

If you need an Onboarding/Offboarding, Interview Notes, Meeting Notes Template, we've got you covered! Work fast, by using our ready-made templates


Intelligent Messaging

Connect and keep up the engagement with your employees and managers instantly through the messaging feature


Group Calendar

Set-up and schedule a 1:1, a team meeting, event, or training schedule using our Group Calendar for easy tracking of all company-wide events


Video Meetings

Organizing a meeting with a team member, colleague, with your team, or with your whole department made easy

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Starts at P95/month per employee

Why should you get Lemonade HR & Payroll?

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