Communication and Collaboration Tools Overview ​


Investing in a communication and collaboration tool will help your employees work efficiently with their team members, especially in a hybrid or remote work set-up. 


Not one product is perfect, though. The key is understanding which features your team needs the most then finding the best comms+collab tool suited for you.

Email, chat and discussion platforms

Video meetings

File storage and document processor

Shared calendars

Security features

App integrations

Why get a communication and collaboration tool?

We get it – there are many free platforms online so it’s easy to think, “why bother?” 


You can send a text in Whatsapp, send a calendar invite through your phone, get on a Zoom call, then take your notes in Google Docs. But imagine the time and effort saved when you have everything in one platform.

Why should you get a comms + collab tool?​

Why trust Xurpas Enterprise?

When you purchase your communication and collaboration tool with Xurpas Enterprise, you pay not only for the product’s license, but also get to benefit from a start-to-end guided implementation and training, and help desk support should you need it after your training.


You get a holistic package that includes your preferred communication and collaboration tool and a remote IT team supporting you in every step of the way. Worth every peso.

Product Options​

Flexible tools for every work set-up

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