Staff Outsourcing In the Time of a Pandemic

The COVID-19 situation has already forced many companies to rethink their operations strategy and review spending. Most of the technologically adept ones may have successfully transitioned to “Work From Home” mode with minimal impact on cost, but sadly, many others who were not so ready are still left scrambling for ways to carry on their business.


It is imperative during these difficult times that you find smarter, more cost-efficient solutions for your HR needs. Instead of traditional recruitment, why not consider Staff Outsourcing instead?


What is Staff Outsourcing?


Staff Outsourcing is a type of outsourcing solution that allows companies who need to quickly scale up manpower for a specific task or project to do so without having to hire employees permanently. In just a few weeks, you get a team of professionals who only need to be compensated during the course of the agreed contract period…no strings attached! This allows you to scale back down just as quickly when you no longer need to maintain a big team.


What are the benefits of Staff Outsourcing?


Aside from the flexibility of scaling up and down as needed, there are other advantages to availing Staff Outsourcing services. Here are some of them:


  1. You’re spared from the recruitment headache – it takes a lot of time, effort and money to attract applicants, shortlist the most qualified candidates, and negotiate win-win compensation packages with every hire. The good news is that this tedious task is covered by your agreement with the licensed Staff Outsourcing services provider that you commission.


  1. No need to worry about paperwork, taxes, payroll and benefits – yes that’s right! Hiring permanent employees add up to your HR Department’s duties. Commissioning a licensed Staff Outsourcing provider frees you up from the administrative burden.


  1. You only pay for days where work is done – If the deployed employee fails to report for duty and no reliever is provided to fill in, you don’t pay for the missed day. On the other hand, if a permanent employee availed one of his paid leaves and doesn’t show up for work, technically you still pay for his absences.


  1. Replacements will be provided – If for some reason the employee deployed can no longer continue working on your project (like if he catches the Coronavirus infection and needs to be hospitalized for several days), a replacement will be sourced to fill in as soon as a qualified resource is available. Imagine if all members of your team were regular employees and most of them get sick as the same time? That would be a nightmare scenario, but it CAN happen especially during a pandemic. Finding people who can pick up the slack of your sick employees would be your sole responsibility in order to restore business continuity.


Want to know more how Staff Outsourcing can help your business grow without the risk of blowing up recurring cost? Ask us howXurpas Enterprise is licensed by the Department of Labor and Employment to provide project-based IT professionals whenever you need them.


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