Developing a digital media plan for your business

Everything’s in your business set and you’re ready to launch. Naturally, your next step is to market your product to your audience. But there’s always a little more craft to it than just posting on social media and calling it a day.


A digital media plan is an important tool to keep your marketing plans strategic. It starts with a marketing strategy which looks after the chosen marketing channels like social media, online ads, website, and mobile apps; the messaging; and the execution plan. It’s all up to your digital planners to analyze what works best for your campaign.


Companies have the option to collaborate with an ad agency to work with them on their strategy and execution. Here are some tricks ad professionals look into that can be helpful for your business:

  1. Your target market is more than their demographics

Understanding your target market is always the first thing in any part of the process – from creating the product to developing a marketing strategy. However, it’s quite easy to box who they are based on their geographic location, their age and interests, and their behavioral characteristics.


Instead, ask more. Ask why. Why do they prefer what they prefer? Where can you find them – and why? Understanding a bigger picture that includes their context and culture can make it easy to place where and how they can be reached.


It can be easy to talk to a friend, because you know and understand them. It should be the same way with advertising. Understand their aspirations and their worries. Only then can you craft a tailor fit message (and product) that fits into all of it. Some good questions to start off of:

  • Understanding of self: How would they introduce themselves? Which part of their persona is most important to them?
  • Quality of life: How would they describe their lifestyle? Which wants and needs are they aware and not aware of?
  • Opinions and beliefs: Where do their values lie? What do they fight for and believe in?

2. Understand which media channel is most strategic

A digital media plan’s special spark comes from a strategic choice of the available channels and how they will be used. Online marketing channels are the most popular, with 66% of the population owning smartphones globally and Philippines topping the daily time spent on the internet daily at 10.56 hours.


This is why fleshing out as many details as you can about your target market is important. When you understand who they are, where you can find them, and what would tug their minds or hearts, you already get a big edge in strategizing which media channels work best. You can filter more through age group, gender, lifestyle, and media consumption to get an accurate estimate for more hyper-targeted ads.

  1. A cookieless future offers a more open relationship

Consumers are ready to ditch the digital breadcrumbs because they prefer a “privacy-first experience,” as seen in a recent GWI study. Many planners and digital marketers will get caught up in the laborious workaround the transition to a cookieless world. However, there’s a lot of opportunities that can arise from the situation.


Better privacy legislation demands for more fully opt-in functions for getting people’s data. Surveys will thrive in this context and people who are willing to take them will be open to share more context and insights behind their attitudes, behaviors, and preferences. In turn, respondents can continue to maintain their privacy and anonymity.


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